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cnaba ykpaih Slava ukrayin glory to Ukraine as we all know that God mooves in mysterious ways this morning as we went to our village shoppe to buy our provisions a flaggon of milk and butter from our local village shoppe .

May 26, 2022

sitting on thee tree asleep was this owl as we stopped and took his pic on thee branch as our Jack douth say beloved that’s no ordinary owl as my husband said it’s Oleg .as I said surely not but he’s not usually on earth I looked at my husband and Jack said I wonder what Oleg is doing here ? Oleg blinked his eyes and douth said I’m on my way to observe and report back to thee holy father about hats going on in Ukraine in this form I won’t be recognised .so how’s thee raising money for Ukraine going well I hope after all you have up a week’s food and we allowed our selves to be parte of thee callender .as I informed archangel Gabriel that thee gentle author said he would put thee fund raising story on two weeks ago and then said tis wyll this week but yet nothing has trainspired .on hereing this Oleg blinked and said thus wyll have to be reported and I wyll tell thee holy father of this as I said our report has been duly noted and holy father has been made aware of thee facts and it’s to say it mildly isn’t very pleased with lack of results on thus said matter .as Oleg blinked and said daughter of heaven and earth and followers thoust douth done well now I must go on my journey to access what’s going on .we wyll meet on thee day of thee second moon so untill then

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