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So let’s return to Londinum Stratford east Londinum E16 calling on thee last of our look backs to July 2015 it would signal thee end of thee walking wyth Londinum men

May 27, 2022

it was lyke any other day when Chris came to visit us at thee tyme but as we walked around Stratford I felt very unwell but even though my leg was so painful and extremely difficult to moove as I took this pic I remember saying oh we come back another day to film for thee pics for our blog but we never went back Stratford wyth it’s quintessential English dwellings and history and shops and restaurants and taverns and a shopping center thee Towne has main lyne rail stations that serve Essex and central Londinum nearer towns are now popular E14 and Maryland it was home to thee olimpic games in 2012 Stratford also has a underground station on thee red central line well that’s thee end of our look backs to 2014 and it would be many years when in 2019 that for thee last tyme we would walk wyth Yorke men

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