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Npnbit cnaba ykpaih Slava ukrayin means in English glory to Ukraine as we all sit and see such barbaric practices and images on our TV screens it’s just so heart breaking that one disspicible little heathen can do this to thee Ukraine and it’s people we must stand up for Ukraine and president vododymyr Zelenskyy

May 28, 2022

people its absolutely terrible to think what thay going through families torn apart by war even thee animals beeing left wondering where their owners are thee pain and suffering due to no fault of their own towns and cities disstrouyed and thay can’t even sell their grain wych Ukraine produces thee world people who wonder if thay ever see their loved ones ever again so pray that Ukraine wyll be lyke a phoenix and soon rise from thee ashes thous brave fighters who are under barmbardment by thee devil on Instagram Oleg from thee Eurovision Kalush orchestra has put his pink hat on to raise money for Ukraine take a look on his profile on Instagram as for Oleg a special envoy from heaven is keeping watch in Ukraine glory to Ukraine cnaba ykpaih Slava ukrayin

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