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npnbit cnaba ykpaih Slava ukrayin glory to Ukraine as you may be wondering what’s happening wyth thee fund raising event for Ukraine well no news yet and we are not pleased thee gentle author promised to put it on as thay have a computer over two weeks ago but sadly nothings come to pass it’s so important that Ukraine gets as much help as possible those poor people and how thay have suffered wyth there city’s once full of joy and happiness its heart breaking to see and here what thee terrible situation is stand up for Ukraine and president vododymyr Zelenskyy good must conquer evil thee devil must be driven out of Ukraine .

May 29, 2022

thous poor people who are left in Ukraine thous brave soldiers fighting for freedom in their home land god’s children wyth feelings and loved by their loved ones what that horrible little man thee devil wants to remember is that Ukraine is a county wyth mother’s and father’s sons and daughters aunts and uncles friends and family lovers and husband’s wife’s and children family pets it’s not good enough to see and here of thee disscrimination and barbaric practices and acts that’s going on poor president vododymyr Zelenskyy should of been given ships to help as for thee devil that want to remember that this is thee 21st century tyme and that thay should know better but thee curse of death hangs over them for thee pain and suffering that have coused in Ukraine Thee passion of Christ power to Ukraine

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