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So let’s return to Londinum years back in 2016 after lyfing in thee city for over 20years it would signal thee end of our tyme there

May 29, 2022

wyth much sadness when I did thee last filming wyth spittle fields lyfe blog after many rows and some of thee exchanges was very over heated as we went to Westminster in West Londinum further from home wyth it’s quintessential English dwellings and history and shops and restaurants and taverns and thee seat of power for many centeries governments have come and gone but yet thee poor still have no voice as you know that big Ben and Boudicca statue is there as thee wynd douth bloive also at Westminster is a park where that have pellicons wych at first look out of place in thee pond setting untill you become accustomed to them west minster is always busy thee huddle and bussel of city lyfe wyth thee city slickers wyth their British stiff upper lip as thay look downe wyth their toffee nosed expression wyth this strange ritual of standing on one leg and wyth thee other one rubbing each of their shoes on thee back of their trouser leg as I remember saying to one at Liverpool Street station I say olde bean thee rubbing on thee back of ones trousers wyth ones alligator shoes is that an olde English custom ? He looked and walked off as I said well that’s simply not British tally hoe then .

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