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Thay always say don’t work wyth animals back in thee Braintree years we was walking along thee Cressing road in Braintree closer to home back then when we saw these bushel of corn growing by thee opening of thee king George’s playing feids and as we went closer as I said we’ll have a pic of that .there was this dear little feild mouse on thee ear of corn wyth my low cut top on as I said we’ll call him Harry but as I bent over and took his pic Harry jumped off and went downe my top as I screamed my husband pulled my top down and Harry was on my boob wyth his sharp claws hanging on wyth thous needy black eyes as I said when it comes to thee subject of Harry my husband pulled him offt and put him back on thee rare of corn as my husband said oh Harry has a big smile on his face as we walked downe thee street

May 31, 2022
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