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So let’s return to Londinum Bethnall green closer to home back in 2015 to when my husband said it’s tyme for a ghost to fysh chat man to man for men’s business .

June 3, 2022

heres my husband wyth JT who always chaises slap and tickle around thee pool so as Henry said beloived comeuth wyth me as we watched my husband genitally catch JT and for a few seconds held him in his hand JT looked and never mooved a fin lyke he was listening attentively soon asy husband had finished his pep talk he put JT back wyth slap and tickle and from that day JT behaviour was much improved .as my husband said that JT just got two big for his boots .but as I said but husband I don’t think JT wears boots .as we all agreed that JT just wanted to love slap and tickle yea yea yea yea fins aren’t what thay used to be happy jubilee celebrations today to everyone in England.

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