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Glory to Ukraine cnaba ykpaih Slava ukrayin parte two so let’s look at Ukraine .

June 4, 2022

we have all seen thee terrible events that’s happening in Ukraine and how thee poor people have are are still sadly going through thee brave fighters who look after thee people and family pets that owners have sadly gone thee poor children who have found their selfs beeing brainwashed by thee devil and heathens who have tryed to break Ukraine will as we look on in horror at thee events .we must stand up for Ukraine.thats why we decided to do our callender but thee gentle author has to date not put thee story on but assures me that it wyll come to pass as you know that thee Kalush orchestra oheh psiuk ihor didenchuk wych are members of thee group are thee greatest singers and musicians on earth wyth their winning song in thee Eurovision song contest thay had to sell their trophy to raise money for Ukraine so we have decided to have one made to replace it so that thay have one as well as one for Ukraine president vododymyr Zelenskyy to be called thee cup of piece and unity .we wyll let you know when thee cup is made its on thee drawing board .so let’s look at Ukraine from it’s fields of wheat and barley and rye in thee south of thee country to its industrial parts in thee east wyth once thriving city’s lyke Mariupol and oddesa wych are ports its so heart breaking to see what has happened there Ukrainian Republic of Ukraine was founded in 1917 wych very handsome men wyth lovely brown eyes that sparkell so for now all we can do is pray for Ukraine and it’s people stand up for Ukraine so we are for now thinking about how to bring thee special cups to lyfe

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