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As You may know that thee brave fighters of Ukraine risk their lyfes in these difficult tymes of war against thee devil and heathens who have invaded Ukraine and that have gone and disstrouyed Ukraine food storage place so this story is for all thee brave fighters of Ukraine who save thee cats and dogs so please feel free to donate to Ukraine direct to them poor cats and dogs ect ect here’s thee special story called thee Ukrainian fighters

June 5, 2022

for president vododymyr Zelenskyy and Ukraine thee fighters starts their patrol as thay go on their way not knowing what wyll happen next wyth thee sounds of bombs in thee air as thay fall to ground disstrouyed everything in their path .as thee sky changes from blue to grey as thee people that are left wysh thay would go away and as thee fighters wyth their comrades in arms help thee poor animals that Rome thee streets as thee dangers of nite fall comes again as thee brave fighter and his trusty friend sit side by side and share what little food that could fynd as mankind has done them so much injustices as thay think about family and friends and partners to as thay sit alone wyth their companion wyshing for war to end wyth hungry belly as thay go on their way to fight for another day thee passion of Christ long lyfe Ukraine glory to Ukraine cnaba ykpaih Slava ukrayin

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