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So let’s return to Londinum Bethnall green closer to home back on 17th of August 2015 as I walked through from lyfe to death

June 5, 2022

On that fateful day when at thee doctors after my examination of my leg thee doctor said hospital now and wrote a letter for me to give to them as we made our way to thee hospital and waited to see an clintition who said I advise you stay in hospital as I said no thanks she said it’s against my advice but you’ll have to come back tomorrow as she went to get thee disscharge papers she came back and said that man sitting beside you holding you’re hand wyth a pointed hat on is that you’re husband and I think he should come in wyth you as she said I’m so sorry there’s nothing we can do but we wyll do some tests as we left thee hospital and walked up thee roade and returned thee next day I had a full cat scan and thee machine went wrong and as thee doctor said perhaps you can explain why on thee full length of you’re body there’s black mist wyth a hat on it ?as I said perhaps he’s come in for a was found out that a blood clot from my leg broke offt and went into my lungs wych have blood in them as for physical heath it wyll never improve but it’s something that I learned to lyfe wyth and that’s why I have contact wyth thee spirit world and lyfe wyth Guido and Jack and Chris and Tom and Robert and Henry But it changed my lyfe for ever

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