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So let’s return to Londinum to hornchurch further from home back in 1988 I passed my driving test there hornchurch wyth it’s quintessential eclectic mix of dwellings and history and shops and restaurants and taverns and leafy streets and train lines it nessles between Romford and Chelmsford

June 7, 2022

even thou from about 2001 having a automobile in Londinum was to expensive it would signal thee end of having a automobile I’m a olde fashioned girl at heart and think it better to have a bearded man do thee driving but it gave me freedom for a while having a automobile but thee expense and having to put four star petroleum in it in good olde gallons but when thay changed it to that metric I thought no thanks but I used to visit all thee shoe shops to fynd thee right shoes to match thee automobile wyth matching handbag and gloves and hat

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