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As we join up wyth spittle fields lyfe blog for a special edition as thee great gentle author has done thee story about us and Ukraine glory to Ukraine cnaba ykpaih Slava ukrayin president vododymyr Zelenskyy and Ukraine and Kalush orchestra oheh psiuk ihor didenchuk cnaba ykpaih Slava ukrayin

June 8, 2022

in parte one of our help for Ukraine we have donated ten of our books to help stand together wyth Ukraine and show this posionus upstart that Ukraine wyll not be bullied by this silly little man who’s got far to big for his boots and that’s simply not good enough we have to all stand together in fyght thee good fyght think of all thee terrible events that’s happening in Ukraine thee fighters who stand together wyth there animals that thay look after as thay try to protect their mother land and how this jumped up devil upstart wyth evil on his mind and thee total deverstation and suffering that has been caused setting fyre to grain storage were houses in Mariupol families torn apart dwellings and city’s disstrouyed no come on you guys we must stand together drive thee heathens and devil out of Ukraine in 1990s Chris went to visit Mariupol on one of his many cruise holidays He also went to oddesa so if you would lyke a pic of Mariupol why not contact us or alternatively text thee gentle author at spittle fields lyfe blog Ukraine and it’s people need you we must protect thee mother land stand together comerades in arms fyght thee good fyght

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