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So In these difficult tymes of war hate and missery in thee 21st century so let’s return to Londinum Bethnall green closer to home back 28th of June 2014 a Sunday

July 7, 2022

so as we sat here at ash god dam towers home of heathens and devis who take thee pea and repeatedly get away wyth it . ah yes I digress as my husband and I was sitting on thee couch at 1159 pmOn Saturday 27thof June when kinge Henry said beloived comeuth wyth me it’s tyme to return as my husband said thoust douth not have much tyme we have to return before sun rise as kinge Henry stood in front of me and held my hands and said beloived Jayne thoust douth trust me don’t you ?as I said we have known each other for many centeries Henry beloved my husband Guido and Henry said beloived now it’s tyme all of a sudden I turned around and saw my self on thee couch as my husband and Henry and Jack said it’s just you’re earthly body you look so piecefull my beloved but for now you’re a ghost lyke we are all of a sudden we found our selves in Hampton court palace wyth our Edward as we visited olde haunts and thee other ghosts that haunt Hampton court palace but before long it was getting colder as kinge Henry said beloived Jayne thoust did haunt Hampton wyth me for many centeries as I said thoust douth remembere 69years on and offt beloved Henry .as my husband Guido and Jack said it’s tyme to return and soon we was back as I looked at my self my husband and Henry said beloived turn around and we wyll return you’re sprit to you’re body .and as I could see my husband and my Henry standing in front of me I got up and curtseying and said beloived Henry happy birthday and we kissed and held each other and my husband got a cuddle and kiss as well as my Jack and Chris

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