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We are back in 21st century tyme as we returned to Londinum Friday November 5th 1604 as we had to make a new trophy cup for president vododymyr Zelenskyy and Ukraine glory to Ukraine cnaba ykpaih Slava ukrayin

July 11, 2022

After having to melt thee damaged one down and recast to make a new one good job Tom thee blacksmith kept thee mould and then after going to our haunts we returned this morning at 345am it’s suppriceing how lyght it is then and now it’s 90f We paid Tom his money one angle coin and my husband and Henry told Tom offt for his emotive laungwich which sometimes can be really adored comments at tymes we’ll both cups are made we sent various messages to thee Kalush orchestra but sadly as yet thay haven’t responded to us . would we ever make another cup thee answers never it’s been a lot of stress and hassle getting them done and money I certainly wouldn’t go through that ever again

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