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Oh thee problems wyth shitty Staffordshire how I hate it and tweedle Dee and dweldle dum it’s bad enough thee hateful residents want us out but this Pixy housing association they put thee rent up but didn’t tell us and it coused a all mighty row if that aren’t carefull I shall put a curse on them we paid our rent as we usually do this morning but them bastards came a knocking on thee door wanting prove of payment it’s pure intinadation I wyll not be bullied by them but we know that in thee end that after six years of hell and flesh and blood people that we wyll soon have to fynd lyfe some where else

July 12, 2022

so if you ever think of renting renter bewhere .we sadly heard nothing from thee Kalush orchestra over thee cup and we sent various messages to president vododymyr Zelenskyy minister on twitter but no response as yet from any one either wych has left a problem on what to do about thee situation .from feedback from people who are in Ukraine we have had a lot of likes but as for thee cups that sit waiting for their owners so another shit day in shitty Staffordshire

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