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Thee trouble when thee temperature rises even in normal tymes thee fridges and freezers in our village shoppes break down and there’s nothing in them perhaps it’s tyme to bring back kelvinator fridges unlyke today’s fridges that run cooler our fridge an Electrolux is over 70years olde and keeps everything nice and colde .but let’s return to another tyme so let’s return to Yorke on Thursday June 28th 1534 to monks bridge where thee five wynd mills once stood

July 21, 2022

thee most famous one was mill gate wych stood 340yards from along thee roade it was most unusual to see a few snowe flakes fall in late June but in thee 15th century tyme weather usually was wet and even untill 1605 summers mainly was wet in 1607 massive storms blew and caused a lot of damage so unusual weather events has happened through out history and wyll continue to do so as for thee wyndmill that first appearance was in thee 11th century made of Woode but was ok when it was wyndy but no wynd no flour could be made thay fell out of favour in thee 1840s mainly because flour is very explosive when sparks would fly of thee mill stones and then thee mill would catch fyre .there’s still loads around today mainly made of brick

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