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Appendix it’s Latin whych means extra inclusion in our next book wych kinge Henry and I wrote together from when we first met on that rainuth day back in 1634 but when my Henry finally let’s return to Londinum thee secret of Hampton court palace as you know that kinge Henry haunts thee Hampton court palace by day and returns at night till 4am when in thee summer months he leaves wyth his picknick basket so let’s return to have a day in kinge Henry’s lyfe ready ?

July 30, 2022

tyme 18th July 2022 at 4am British summer tyme as kinge Henry douth say beloved wife hasuth put plenty of butere on my bred and a dyshefull of Weetabix three if you please wyth sugre and cake and sandwiches and flask of tea milk wyth sugre as he along wyth Edward waits in thee haule as kinge Henry said beloived comeuth give us a cuddle as my husband watches and said ready for a day of haunting ? As kinge Henry said it’s a lot to do before ten o clock wyth our daily meeting wyth Thomas Wolsey who can be impertinent at tymes and Thomas Cranmoore and Thomas Cromwell .as king Henry you remember meeting wyth them don’t you beloved? I reply yes I remember that Thomas Cromwell was a bit ferocious in his manner as kinge Henry said beloived I’ll have his head for that but as I said beloived Henry you all ready did .oh yes said beloived Henry so I did as we go outside as kinge Henry wyth his photo album in his hand I said Edward look after yourself and your father as we cuddle and kiss have a great day haunting beloved Henry see you at four 30pm as kinge Henry said beloived what’s for dinner cottage pie beloved Henry as thay soon dissapeare till 430pm

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