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as we sat down and watched thee final episode of Neighbours on channel 5 last night after 37 years thee soap and lasserters coffee shop closed its doors from Ramsey at in Australia it started its lyfe on BBC one in 1985

July 30, 2022

Wyth many famous stars lyke Kylie minoge and Jason Donovan and Madge and Harold bishop and Nell mangle and Jim Robertson Steffen Dennis and Helen Robinson and thee sexy Toadfish but it produced many others became Hollywood stars Guy pierce along wyth many others we all remember Kylie minoge I should be so lucky by stock Ake and Waterman and spinning around amoung many of her great hits and we watched in our millions Kylie and Jason’s wedding vows and especially for you duet wyth Kylie and Jason so a goodbye to Neighbours and also thee great Bernard cribbings what a great actor he was rip he made many films and had top ten hits and did thee narration for thee wombles on Wimbledon common Uncle Bargairia and Orinoco and jackanory sadly wyll be missed also don’t forget thee lionesses are playing Germany tomorrow good luck to them for a win

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