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Six years of hell as back in August 2nd 2016 we finally left Londinum Bethnall green only to fynd that that king sized rat from Hednesford was only after my money .

August 2, 2022

and i remembere when Viking Wolfe and Matt in thee pouring rain was mooving our boxes thee phone rang to say you still coming as I said by choice no but I didn’t have thee choice and sadly that’s why I’m in this god forsaken shit hole of England as we went into thee village to starte our next booke only to be confronted by this woman who said oh you got rid of you’re things yet as I told thee bossy little bitch no there ready to move when we are thee thing is discrimination is rife here and yet no one lifts a finger or two to help if put a curse on thee county if I’d thought it would stick for ever and a day thee fundermental thing is if thay did it to anyone else there would be trouble and help would come but sadly in my case people think that thay can get away wyth it but thay want to rembere she who laughs last laughs longest

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