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so lets return to thee Contraflow roads motle Mrs Fawkes speaking good afternoon fore our lark in thee park wyth added barbique so let’s return

September 3, 2022

as we waited for this lark to appear whych it didn’t so my husband and Henry said beloived comeuth wyth us as we went to see our Jack wyth a smile on his face as my husband said tyme fore some scran as in front of Jack there was three sausages two looked well done but thee middle one looked bigger and Pinker as I said to Jack why’s thee middle one pink as Jack said that it’s a special one especially fore a lady me as my husband said Jack sold anything ?yes said Jack as I looked at thee sausage winked at me as Jack said 4teas 2coffees and 4hot sausages total amount £-8/9d as I said to my husband I’m sure that sausage winked at me as Henry said beloived it must be you’re imagination as I said it’s not as my husband said Henry and I wyll have thee two out side ones you can have thee middle one as Jack put thee conderments on and douth said beloived I know you’re really going to enjoy this special sausage but as I went to pick it up it slipped out thee bred roll and Jack ran off men I was really looking forward to hot sauceage men so I said I’m offt to make a eggt sandwich and after I eat it I went back wyth a tray of three pints of ale and gave one to Henry and Guido and Jack I said that you can have you’re air male and thee it over him as Henry and my husband laughed as Jack said surely you must of recognise my sauceage ? No I didn’t as he said well beloived you can have some in Bede later

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