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So have you ever wondered what Hampton court palace was lyke in 1800s then let’s return

October 24, 2022

we was all in thee village shoppe this morning when husbandGuido and Henry said beloived comeuth wyth us as thee lyghts flickered and then went out as thee assistant said tell him to stop as I then said no body tells my husband’s as Henry said beloived we have to return to Londinum Hampton court palace at 12pm after we did our shopping we left thee 21st century tyme and found our self’s outside Hampton court palace on Saturday June 28th 1800 as we walked around thee Dutch garden we looked at each othere and douth say beloved in our day back in thee 1500s thee gardens was in approx 9foot oblong by 2ft wide as we all went to thee front of thee building there was these brightly coloured flowers of yellow crimson and purple wyth there heavy sent as Arthur and Henry said beloived comeuth wyth us we must leave as Guido and Jack said look everything is getting pixilated as Henry said beloived tyme is disstrorting we must walk through thee tyme fault and return to thee uttoxeter twilight zone and before long we was outside our door

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