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remember remember thee 5th of November 1605 fore our fyreworks special episode 65 of thee Contraflow roads motle we returned to Londinum on Sunday October 23rd 1605 to thee duck and drake tavern in thee stround so let’s return

November 5, 2022

as my husband and Jack and Chris and Tom and Robert discuss how that would do a rehearsal of thee plotte Tom said gentleman if we don’t try this idear then it would be deemed that we would be doing nothing as Jack said to build a set in this tyme would be extremely dangerous wyth Robert cesils spy’s on thee watching agreed as guy said that we have all thee tyme in thee world gentle men as I and Henry bring our ten am banquet Guido explained what neede to be done and sudjested that we returned to 1539 which would avoid any detection as Henry said beloived what do you think? As I said beloived Henry it’s you’re decision as Henry thought wyll there be plenty of gerb fyreworks yes said Guido yes then what we waiting fore as in thee street below a tyme fault appears well gentle men let’s return as we arrived back outside thee palace of placentia as I said to Henry what happens if we bump into our former selfs as Henry said beloived we are at Nonsuch palace fore three days .as Henry said guido and Jack you have very little time to make you’re sets and gun powdere as one of thee staff came out to greet us and douth said oh you’re magisty king Henry we thought you was at Nonsuch palace yes we decided to go tomorrow instead oh he said well we have plenty of food good then you better go and prepare it hadn’t you yes you’re magisty banquet at ten as Henry said beloived comeuth wyth me Guido set to work as Henry said beloived tyme is running fast and we haven’t much tyme after we had our banquet Guido and Jack and Chris and Tom and Robert set to work to build thee sets on thee dwelling he made over 8foot high wyth two barrels of gun powdere wyth a slow fuse train and thee gerbs wych he made wych gave offt an almighty bang as thee flames went up to ten foot as thee staff came out to watch as Henry said beloived they wyll remember nothing

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