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as we look back at our bonfyre night pics even though it was over 400years ago since husbandGuido tried to bloive up thee houses of parliament but on our TVs there was nothing about him in fact on one of thee soaps it was said history was about cutting people’s heads offt and that’s really disappointed us but history is all around us every day is history .

November 13, 2022

In England as far as thee gun powdere plotte is concerned it’s mostly on TV forgotten but in our world of violence and but fore us we don’t watch that type of things so let’s look back at our pics remember remember thee 5th of November gun powdere plotte of Londinum 1605 so what of our booke well we sent them to have mediums take a look at our bookes and that was totally amazed and said that thay was thee best bookes ever written fore us there our diaries of events of our past lyfes but even though thay wyll ever be best sellers and never be for sale in thee shops but at least you all know that thay exist fore us we are very proud of our bookes of our lyfes today and yesterday

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