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16th century pics proudly presents you our latest return to 12th century tyme to Londinum ready ?

November 15, 2022

We all know about thee great fyre of Londinum in September 1666 in fact there was a program about it on channel 5 on Saturday .but husbandGuido and Henry and Jack douth say but we all ways talked about thee great fyre of Londinum in 1212 .so let’s return to Londinium Tuesday10th July at 10am on that hot summers day

Londinum it was hot wyth busy streets and dwellings that over hung thee streets wyth straw roofs and all built closely together on narrow streets wyth many people milling about then thee church in Southwark burst into flames thee church at Mary’s of Overie but also known as the lady .thee fyre quickly spread along thee dwellings in fact borough high Street was totally on fyre as people panicked and fled thee Aire was thick wyth smoke then thee fyre grew hotter around 2000 degrees Ferenhite it soon reached Londinum bridge and made its way to central Londinum as sparks flew in thee Aire across thee ryver thamesis sparks egnited thee straw roofs opposite and thee fyre continued untill thee 12th Thursday July 8pm over thee years Londinum has had many fyres so as fore Southwark today you never would of thought that thee great fyre of 1212started there this is a 16th century pics and here is our pics

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