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As we know it is match day fore England wyll king Harry Kane wear his one love arm band ? We wish all thee players at England lots of goals and make them three lions roar.

November 21, 2022

as always in thee uttoxeter twilight zone it’s a hey Joe wyth thee wynd and thee rainuth bloive every day and in England thee government paid everyone a energy allowance to help wyth thee high cost of living crises but this housing association after six years wrote a letter to say oh back in 2016 after we paid a month deposit now they recon that we have to pay another Month in advance swindlers thee fundermentall question thay seem to do what thay want and get away wyth it so on Friday thee archangel Gabriel and Michael and Raphael and wyll come to see what can be done as we cannot get any help from people on earth who douth seem not to give a flying and all I get is one excuse after another

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