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We all been in a automobile at some stage in our lyfe where there has been a very annoying squeek but yet you can’t put you’re finger or even two on thee problem Of source.

November 30, 2022

many years ago in our past lyfes in 1587 my husband said let’s get a trustee steed sand carte making trips to Whitby and Scarborough more easy so at this man wyth his firm on thee nod used to lend out fore a few pennies a day a carte and steedS and his motto was at unavailable carte we always put thee carte before thee steed today you call it a horse please note any reference to any thing of thee 21st century is purely coincidental so we looked at thee various models and choose trusty steed and covered carte on a years rental I remember thee trusty steeds was called buddy and storm and fore a few buckets of wattter and oats a day and carrots wych was purple you had all thee hourse power you needed fore you’re journey .but after a while at first great hourse power tail lift worked well at 9miles per hour this squeek started as as thee trusty steed s warmed up it got worse and my husband had to take it back to find out where thee squeek was coming from. After many inspections it was found it was a dodgy tail lift but soon fixed wyth a bit of lubricant

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