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After going fore yet another blood test this tyme wyth thee nurse today in England you can’t see a flesh and blood doctor let alone a dentist unless you pay but when I had a text to say I’d have to go fore yet another blood test after when I was called on thee phone to say my tests blew up

December 2, 2022

I remember when I had thee blood test done thee blood was very hot and steaming and even though I’m always colde and in thee winter I go blue as I have Raynaud’s phenomenon and riddled wyth blood clots when we went to see doctors Death and coffin who took a blood test thee results was it’s usually blue in colour it’s to do wyth you’re ancestry as Dr death said Henry has thee same type of blood but you’re just a blue blooded woman that’s nothing to worry about as my husband said what about her rare infection ? As doctor death said go to dispensary here’s a note fore something to put in them see me in two weeks tyme

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