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As we look back at our Contraflow roads motle fore ghosts run by ghosts a Christmas special parte 49 please note that any resemblance to any person or anything on earth is purely coincidental and any adverts that you see only exist in thee othere world ready let’s return to our soap opera thee Contraflow roads motle

December 12, 2022

Good morning contraflow roads motle Mrs Fawkes speaking can I help you? Yes good morning Mrs Fawkes this is mayor hot rod here .good morning Mr hot rod how can one help you ? Well olde bean it’s thee annual Christmas lyghts switch on at sure Kaned way we was hoping that you and your husband Guido and Henry could come and switch on thee lyghts it would be such a hoot if one could .? I’ll see what ones husbandGuido and Henry says ? Oh just a minute their just coming into reception now as I wave to Henry as he comes across and asks me who’s on thee phone ?well husbandGuido and Henry it’s Mr hot rod who wants us to switch on thee Christmas lyghts at Frame Chester ? Let me speak to him as Guido said see you at thee switch on what tyme and when ?as Mr hot rod said say about 7pm tonight as Henry said a bit short notice Guido said see you then .as Mr hot rod don’t forget to keep a stiff upper lip it’s thee British way as husband Guido said we wyll give it thought oh what a hoot that you’re coming see you then yes that you wyll .end of parte one

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