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So let’s return to Londinum Whitechapell August 2015 and thee day of thee cat scan nuclear machine that went wrong mynd you it was thee biggest bang I had fore a long tyme as thee doctor came out of his booth and douth said we have encountered a problem as I said I gathered that as he then said would you lyke a wheelchair to return to thee CDU ward as I thought not on you’re Nelly I wyll walk wyth dignitary to thee lift unaded

December 13, 2022

evenchally after having a cup of tea I slowly Walked to thee lift and as I felt Guidos hand in myne as I held my composer and walked through thee crowded wards to CDU ward where I sat on thee beade and waited fore thee doctors verdict thee tyme went slowly as I thought I could just do wyth a ciggy evenchally thee doctor came and wyth thee x-ray said perhaps you could explain why there’s a black mist on all thee right side of you’re body as I looked at thee x-ray I said perhaps doctor he’s. Come in fore a recharge as thee doctor said what wyth a long pointed hat on ? Then he said we wyll have to take another x-ray on a different machine as I said doctor I think I’ve had enough of a bang today don’t you think? As he said tomorrow we inject you wyth iodean on you’re three blood lyne and thee very next day thay did just that thee upshot was that found a blood clot from my leg broke offt and went into my lungs and blood in them but after all these years husband Henry have had This pic of who else was in adtendence On that fateful day when again my lyfe would bloive it’s self apart and change my lyfe forever

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