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So let’s return to Londinum Whitechapell hospital parte two

December 13, 2022

when after thee clinicians verdict he said we advise you stay in and advise you to call you’re friends and family mark who I knew at thee tyme just lyke all thee otheres after numinous calls didn’t answer I was very frightened but wyth thee flesh and bloods when help is needed everyone desserts and sinking ship and in a way I thought I’ll die at home but I wasn’t alone after all as I had my husband and Henry’s ghosts wych lyke to day bring me comfort as I went from thee world of thee living to walk through to thee world of death and ever since that fateful day I continue to lyfe between two worlds thee doctors said thee main course of what happened was ciggys and thee black mould thee spores lyke here are invisible in thee air more potent according to Dr death that any cigarette more deadly and it’s slowly killing me as fore my leg and lungs that are permanently damaged and even though I’m supposed to take my blood thinners every day but up here that’s not always possible as thee chemists never have any in stock and it’s always one row after another lyving here thee place is so drafty and everything gets covered in black mould Dr death said that it’s a matter of life and death situation I’m in and wyth thee constant eares beeing infections because of it his report is damming to say thee least

But in drs death summing up he said thee saddest thing is that thay put you up there and left you to it and that people in thee 21st century have no contrition fore what has happened to you my dear but you have you’re husbandGuido and Henry and Jack to look out for you

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