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So let’s look at our television sets in thee 1930s to thee 1980s black and white TV monochrome ruled only thee rich could afford a colour sets when most sets was 405 lines but when BBC 2 came in in thee mid 1960s all sets was dual standard 405 wyth a selector switch for 625 lines when it was thee IBA independent broadcast authority when in thee late 1960s 1968 color television sets came in and BBC 2 was one of thee first channel to broadcast in color 625

December 17, 2022

Some of thee early color sets was known as curtain raisers as thay got very hot as thay was known as 1500 valve sets and not very reliable most people rented from various TV rental shops vision hire and radio rentals that could be found on every high Street in 1984 thee 405 signal was switched off in fact Anglia TV from Norwich was thee last TV station to broadcast 405 pics in 1985 Pye made thee last 1600 TV wyth all trainsisters where most monochrome TV’s was 1500 625 lines sets a mixture of valves and trainsisters in 2012 thee olde analogue signal was switched off and England become digital TV’s here’s ours sets thee bush dual standard and thee ultra 20 to 24 inch model

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  1. December 17, 2022 10:56 am

    An interesting story. And it reminds me that my parents had a black and white TV for a long time. Then, as a student, I got my first colour TV of my own. A Japanese one with a mini-screen.

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