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frohe weihnachten it’s Christmas week happy Christmas to you all

December 19, 2022

So let’s return to Bristol when we once lived there on a foggy day thee little ships that used to be in thee ryver used to sound their horns it was lyke that was lost and crying fore their mother as you know Bristol from thee Clifton suspension bridge to it’s navy history wyth it’s manufacturing industries and thee city of Bristol has grown over thee centuries from fishpools where thee busses used to be to temple meeds station once Bristol had its own tyme to whiteladies busy road here’s our pics

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  1. achim permalink
    December 19, 2022 8:55 am

    For dear Viscountess Boudica and her husband Guido Fawkes in Uttoxeter, all the best at Christmas time and especially in the coming New Year!

    *** MERRY CHRISTMAS! ***
    *** JOYEUX NOËL! ***

    • December 19, 2022 9:07 am

      frohe weihnachten to you all in Germany who would of thought that a year ago in thee world things would be as thay are today as we all pray fore piece on earth and good will to all men maybe one day we wyll live together as one and speak wyth one voice after all we all related from our ancestors of long ago and as you know many centuries ago Engaland was joined to our German Fatherland cussens United we stand in our quest fore a better world

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