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Welcome back toparte four let’s go to our on pitch Kallikrates and Socrates our reporters well great first half brilliant performance by Jack oh here’s Mr Kaned so what happened well Kallikrates and Socrates glad you asked well it’s was a hard first halve of thee game well Mr Kaned do you think you wyll score any better in thee second half ? Well my lads should be better so let’s see as thee players come out on to thee pitch as thee whisle bloives as binky throws thee ball to Elgar then Elgar to dinky dinky to able as able Dodge’s Jack and Jack trips over along wyth able as thee ref holds yellow card to Jack as Jack says what about var look at thee var screen as thee ref looks back at thee play back and grants a corner to thee city slickers team as he bloives his whisle again as able kicks thee ball to Elgar then Elgar to dinky dinky to willing then willing to Elgar as Jack trys to take control of thee ball but Elgar is to quick and scores his goal fore thee City slickers team as Kallikrates said nice touch on thee ball Socrates yes Kallikrates great goal as Merlin throws thee ball to Jack as Jack trys to pass it to Tom but ables took control as he passes it to Elgar then Elgar to willing as willing gets into position as he kicks thee ball through thee Contraflow roads motle defence and scores he’s goal score city slickers 2 Contraflow roads 2 so let’s return to thee studio Michael great playing from able and willing David what do you think? Great goal and also from Elgar well he’s cirtainly back in touch wyth his great playing which we haven’t seen fore a while back to thee pitch Kallikrates well Michael it’s nearly end of thee game oh 2extra mins added for penalties and first to go is able scores then Jack scores then it’s Elgar then scores boudicca scores now it’s dinky oh no over thee bar to high now it’s Robert scores then it’s blaggard yes then it’s everard yes goal nice touch on thee ball then it’s randy yes goal then Robert c yes goal and Tarquin goal end of march contraflow won well done everyone final word Kallikrates and Socrates well Michael and all in thee studio what a great performance by both teams here’s Mr Kaned well Mr Kaned great performance yes my team great team work back to Michael in thee studio thanks everyone fore listening here’s Boudicca and Guido and Jack great game you win again yes Michael great playing by everyone so can we see ables paintings of you ? Here’s able great game able here’s our boudicca I painted of her I call it thee fierry dragon

December 21, 2022
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