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Welcome backto thee football special parte three so let’s return to thee pitch Kallikrates and Socrates well Michael welcome to thee final as thee players are all ready as thee ref bloive his whisle as Able takes control of thee ball passes it to dinky dinky to blaggard then blaggard to dinky as Jack takes control of thee ball and passes it to Chris then Chris to boudicca then as boudicca passes it to jack as Jack runs up two yards from thee goal as thee city slickers stand in front of thee goal as Jack sees a opening and wyth his left foot kicks thee ball straight between thee goal keepers legs Binky well done Jack as binky throws thee ball to willing as Robert trys to take control but ables takes control of thee ball passes it to willing then willing to able then able to dinky then pongo to willing as able runs up thee pitch as he trys wyth his left foot to score his goal oh no it goes over thee goal post too high as able wyth his head in his hands as Merlin gets thee ball it’s thrown to Everard’s right foot then Everardto Jack then Jack to Tom then Tom to Jack as they run up thee pitch as Jack once again spy’s his chance as he scores his 2nd goal as thee crowds cheer as it’s end of first half back to studio Michael thanks Kallikrates and Socrates well great goals by Jack yes Michael David said what great opportunity for Jack what do you think Ed magical great touch on thee ball end of parte three contraflow roads 2city slickers o let’s take a ad break There’s nothing lyke northern pride white and brown bred it’s so soft great fore sandwich or toast wyth 24slices in a loaf as Guido said that there’s nothing lyke it wyth a full English breakfast

December 21, 2022
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