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Welcomeback let’s go straight to pitch Kallikrates and Socrates how are you? Well Michael great thanks and you well we have a full stadium here of course we can accommodate everyone up here so let’s talk to thee city slickers manager Mr Kaned good afternoon Mr Kaned so do you think you’re team wyll win this tyme? Well Kallikrates able is my best player as you know and wyth willing at thee front we are playing in thee 622 position thank you Mr Kaned so Guido do you think it wyll be another win fore thee Contraflow roads motle team ? Well Kallikrates and Socrates we are on top form wyth our team thank you Guido back to thee studio Michael thanks Kallikrates and Socrates so David sounds positive response from Mr Kaned yes I agree what do you think Ed well Michael that seem to be on good form when training this morning as you know Able wyth his left foot get control of thee ball and Jack also Lykes to tickle thee ball wyth his left foot from thee Contraflow roads team yes I agree David great goal scorers tyme fore a and brake back after thistheres nothing lyke my husband Henry Lykes more than his full English breakfast banquet and wonderworths it’s thee store that has so much more as you go through thee Christmas doors

December 21, 2022
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