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Happyboxing day to one and all froche weihnachten merry Christmas

December 26, 2022

as we know that from thee Victorian era when thee English posh people in their stately homes after their Christmas presents that had received their servants would collect their disscraded boxes we hope that you all had a great Christmas day and had lots of glad tidings of Christmas fore us sadly in England not one of our friends bothered to wysh us a happy Christmas in our secular society that we lyfe in we had our Christmas dinner which was potato and ravioli which Henry and I shared ours but husband Guido and Jack and Chris and Tom and Robert and David had their own dinner fore me having a couple of fork fulls is enough then thee sink did it’s usual trick and sent black mould and black stinky watter every where so sink plunger again then thee toilet had to be unblocked this place wants a ball a chain and a crane on it happy boxing Day to everyone So did we get any presents no I should be so lucky thee last tyme I had a Christmas gift was back in my first past lyfe wyth king Henry in 1535 a necklace wyth purple stones on it

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  1. December 27, 2022 6:37 am

    Xmas over so let’s go our best and look forward to a healthy and prosperous New Year. Best wishes to you.

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