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Froche weihnachten merry Christmas to everyone as we look back at our bookes we wrote

December 27, 2022

as welook back at our bookes from thee first one my past and present lyfe wyth husbandGuido Fawkes 1570 to 1605 to 2022 back in Londinum in 2015 we sat down and discuss whether a book about us would be of interest to thee general public and would our story be a great seller? So we started to write our memories down then in booke two king Henry and I had already thee blue print fore our book my past and present lyfe wyth king Henry 8th wych back in 2014 to 2016 we spent many long hours trying to decide what thee pics that needed to be put into it Henry having Welsh blood in him wanted our booke to be purfect then of course we wrote three bookes about our soap opera thee Contraflow roads motle fore ghosts run by ghosts set in Yorkshire

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