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Frohes neues jahre Glaed niwe year gesaelig niwe gear in our 15th century English happy new year 2023 we hope you all had a great party’s to go to last night and remembered to fynd you’re automobiles in thee parking lot As I know from experience when I went to thee pub wyth a man when we came out thee tavern he forgot where he parked his autobille it took ages to find where he parked up and that thee parking lot was still open and that you all parted lyke it was 1599

January 1, 2023

so as you know that we still have made no contact wyth about parte two of thee Ukraine cnaba ykpaih Slava ukrayin glory to Ukraine wyth spittlefieds life but in middle of last year thay said that thay would show you all what was to buy so I’m afraid it’s a case of wait and see

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  1. January 1, 2023 1:23 pm

    I spent New Year’s Eve with a friend and we also read tarot cards and things are not so bad for me in the new year. What I dreamed of after several difficult years seems to be coming true now, which I’m glad about.
    By the way, I found my car again immediately after the party.

    +++ EIN FROHES NEUES JAHR 2023 +++
    +++ HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023 +++
    +++ UNE BONNE ANNÉE 2023 +++
    +++ З НОВИМ 2023 РОКОМ +++

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