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So let’s return to ables paintings as you know that he painted his hero footballers and in his final painting he along wyth willing did mine as we go back to thee 1980s when power dressing wyth shoulder pads was in fashion

January 1, 2023

talk about dedicated followers of fashion at thee tyme but as I sat there having my hair done after willing said can I cut you’re hair as I said no and husbandGuido and Henry said not allowed as willing said it’s downe you’re back lyke a trusty steed as Henry said beloived hair is lyke ours red and she’s lyke a little fyery dragon as Henry said I’ll have to enter my missus in to thee grand trusty steed race as husbandGuido said well she’s always been a good ride as I said if you don’t mind gentle men it’s thee ladies excuse me as fore you willing get on wyth it and stop you’re kackeling as my jacksea is hurting on this hard stool men thay just don’t understand a woman has to be comfortable when in thee seated position as willing said it wyll have to be a wig as I said you have more rabbit than wunderworths but in thee end we finally finished and able painted his pic and then filmed it lights camera action and here I am

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