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So let’s look back at our football special fore our fourth booke thee Contraflow roads motle now that you have finally seen all three of Ables paintings so who is able and where is he and willing now? Well it’s not every day that an archangel would Paint a pic now is it and that’s what thay are ? So let’s return to Framechester wych doesn’t exist on earth and let’s take one last look at Ables paintings and some news ready so let’s return to 16th century pics did you know everyone on earth has a Guardian angel watching over them

January 2, 2023

so lets have some news local police in lintlechester thought they’d finally cought thee local sheet steeler but when thay saw he was three sheets to thee wind and blew away also in Framechester a local knicker steeler Mr draws when finally cought wyth a pair of Union Jack knickers said well it’s lyke this I’m backing Britain end of our news headlines fore thee Framechester and lintlechester area

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