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And here’s thee last of our cookers thee belling classic 90 DL made in 1978 in yellow mustard in fact my husband’s Henry and Guido call it thee buttercup belling made there mk 4cookers in also red and green and blue in fact thee older cookers cook better than there modern counterparts get hotter and still keep cooking after you switch thee oven offt at 400f

January 22, 2023

over thee years we had many cookers fore filming but thee most famous one is thee tricity contessa 643 in fact tricity made thee marquis and thee president 643 and contessa four ring as you know on thee night I was born I slipped offt thee kitchen table and ended up in front of thee contessa 643 but as my husband’s Henry and Guido say you’re place is to cook food ours is to eat it that’s mens business men’s thinking men’s work isn’t it beloved wife as I say yes husbandGuido and Henry

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