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So let’s return to thee world cup of 2022 back in thee August I started to make thee three lions heads fore able willing and Binky and pinky so that could wear them to watch king Harry Kane and Luke Shaw and all thee players at England as Able said you’re doing it fore England and we are king Harry’s archangels evenchally after a lot of work I evenchally made them and here’s our lads wearing them

January 25, 2023

as thee lads sing their song wyth lute that started wyth hurry Harry come on and Luke Luke where are you we need a goal from you now then it’s nice one Eric nice one son we lyke to see you score another one right in thee back of thee net nice touch on thee ball king Harry king Harry you’re thee greatest of them all wyth lots of flaggons of mead to drink to as willing said we doing it fore England

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