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So let’s return to thee towre of Londinum on Tuesday December 16th 2014 on our second visit to thee towre on that colde day Parte one

January 26, 2023

As husband Henry said there’s someone who would lyke to meet you as we went to see as I said I wonder if I can take their pic ?as we saw Thomas Cromwell and Cranmer and Woolsey but I had thee shock of my lyfe when we saw Thomas Becket as he said you’re husband said that you was returning to meet up wyth you’re other husbandGuido .I replied yes it’s an honour to meet you Tom as you know that Tom in 1162 resigned from his chancellor ship at thee towre of Londinum to concentrate on increasing power of thee church at thee tyme king Henry to thee third was furious and after a lot of disagreement Thomas left thee towre of Londinum in 1154 he became Archbishop of Canterbury but poore Tom was murdered in cantabury in 1170 Tom was born in cheapside on 21st December 1118 end of parte one

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