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So let’s return to Londinum Bethnall green thee missing pics from thee visit to thee towre of Londinum Tuesday December 16 th 2014 as you may remember that when I went to thee photo shop to run offt thee pics and collect them thee next day after thee digital camera cought fyre then disappeared but I managed to retreave thee SIM carde as thee black smoke started coming out of it . Parte two

January 27, 2023

but in thee photo shop thee next day when we returned at 11am thee man in thee shop said all done fore you as I said can you check on you’re computer ok he said but when he put thee cd disk in there was no pics on it as he said oh what’s happened let’s look on thee machine that always have a record of thee pics and then we can run of thee pics what size you lyke 6/4 or 7/6 ?well 7/6 wyll be ok but when he looked at thee machine nothing there he scratched his head ok I’ll check our CTV when he looked he was standing by thee machine but I wasn’t look he said it sent shivers down my spine so as you know a week later we returned to thee towre of Londinum but then on Tuesday this week king Henry said beloived it’s tyme to show you our pics from that day so we went and ran them offt in thee shop up here when we came back husband Henry said beloived put thee SIM carde in thee ash tray as we won’t be needing it now and as I did husband Henry put he’s arm around me and all of a sudden there was black smoke then it was gone as husbandGuido said you’re our job is done now end of parte two

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