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Good evening everyone so let’s return to Londinum October 1537 as you know that we went back to revisit my husband Henry’s lost palace of Placentia and elysing and Whitehall and Nonsuch palace in fact Henry in Tudor tymes had a total of 55palaces

February 1, 2023

so you may ask what was our first past lyfes lyke in Tudor Engaland wyth thee palace of Placentia wych was cold drafty and smelly as it was by thee ryver thamesis wyth thee big ships would sail into thee docks at thee front of thee palace there was a walk way wyth stairs going down to thee ryver thamesis where you could moor you’re vessel inside thee palace wyth it’s high ceilings wych was highly decorated wyth Tudor roses lots of gold leaf and tapestries adorned thee walls wyth open large fyre places wych when lit even in thee bedrooms was warm and that applied to all thee palaces wyth elysing was a elceltic mix of dwellings made into one large palace in Enfield northan Londinum 21miles from thee city thee Aire was more fresher and husband enjoyed hunting for dear or wild bore sadly over thee years thee palaces fell into disrepair and was pulled down elysing palace is mostly under a wood and thee palace of Placentia no longer any signs of its great grandiour lyke Nonsuch and white hall palace here’s our pics of Tudor palaces fore a Tudor kinge Henry

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