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As you know that it was our Tom’s and Roberts and jack’s birthday and Christopher’s so even though thee mini rolls are now expensive luxury in fact there very expensive and even more expensive as husband Guido and Jack watch over our Chris to make sure that he don’t eat them all as it’s nearly banquet tyme at 10am as we all tuck in to our only hot meal of thee week

February 3, 2023

as husband Henry said Guido douth say douth one has thee choice well Husband’s Guido and Henry you can have eggts fryed wyth chips and beans or you can have scrambled eggs and chips and beans or poached eggs and chips and beans or omelette and chips or boiled eggs and beans bet you can’t eat three husbandGuido and Henry well as thay reply yes three fried wyth double chips portion and beans and bred and butter so that 7 dinners then lads

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