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As you have seen that Archangel Able has done three pics of his heroes of football but also he has painted three otheres and this is his painting of inside Westminster abbey in Londinum so let’s return to Londinum April Sunday 13th 2015 and my first meeting wyth archangels able and archangel Michael

February 6, 2023

As husband Henry and Guido said as it’s Guido’s birthday to day let’s go on an adventure as Henry douth say wife we should revisit our past lyfe so offt we went as we started our journey to Central Londinum as Henry said beloived comeuth wyth me as once arriving outside thee Abbey Henry said beloived once inside you can use that contraption that takes pics but as I douth said but husbandGuido and Henry we take take pics inside as my husband Henry said beloived I’m king of Engaland as I said beloived Henry in today’s age in spirit only as I said we wyll go in and as able said I’m able I can draw your pic as husband Henry said then let it be so thee household of Fitz Roy grants you thee seal of approval as we went in and able drew this pic as you know that Westminster abbey has lots to see

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