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So let’s return to Windsor castle on June 28th 2015 my husband’s birthday as Henry and Guido said let’s return to Windsor castle as it was Henry’s birthday

February 9, 2023

As you know that Windsor castle was built by William thee conquer back in 10th century tyme from a Mott and bailey castle wych I thought that thay was a couple of brothers but Husband’s Guido and Henry said that thee name of thee dwellings that thee castle was built on top there was four built near Londinum at thee tyme thee othere one was thee towre of Londinum just a minute ok husband Henry come and sit beside me and stop dribbling as Henry said beloived what a beautiful pair of beautiful pair of pink peaches you have in thee top of you’re dress trying to burst out as husband Guido said well she’s got a lovely pair as I said men I thought we was going to write our story about our visit to Windsor castle ? Let’s continue gentleman shall we ? As we went around thee grounds of thee castle it brought back a lot of memories of our past lyfes in Tudor Engaland as you know that Henry thee 8th who’s father was Henry vll who dominated Henry and Henry’s mother was Elizabeth of Yorke Henry’s brothere Arthur was older . Henry was born in Greenwich on 28th June 1491 and became king in 1509 after Arthur died .when Henry died on 28th January 1547 Henry laid in state fore 20days he had to have a large coffin wych his body burst in side my poor Henry on 14th of February Henry was taken to syon house then after he laid in state he was taken to st Georges chapple Windsor thee possession was four miles long and along wyth his father and mother and we was laid to rest until I returned but as Henry lyke Guido said we wyll not rest until you do here’s our pics of that day back in 2015

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