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As it’s a very foggy day in thee uttoxeter twilight zone dare you to enter so let’s return to Londinum Hampton court palace thee day that changed my lyfe forever so let’s return to January 21st 2014 but it turned out to be October 12th 1537 so let’s return

February 14, 2023

Little did I know that when I went through thee doors of Hampton court palace on that snowey day back in thee January of 2014 that I would be lyke trainsported back in tyme to Tudor tymes as Henry said beloived comeuth wyth me as we stood in this room surrounded by rich tapestries adorned thee walls and ceiling highly decorated as I looked at Henry and went into thee fyre that was burning in thee fyre place yet it felt colde as Henry said beloived we aren’t in thee thing you call tyme . These are our past lyfes together . but if you want us to be in tyme then this let it be so all of a sudden there was warmth from thee fyre as Henry said beloived on thus said day was thee happiness day of our lyfes so do you remember ? Yes husband you had returned from hunting as Henry said beloived comeuth wyth me it’s tyme we returned to 2014 and before long we was in thee kitchen down stairs

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