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Good morning to one and all as you know that husbandGuido and Henry always insist that dinner is at 10am and 4pm from our past lyfes it was called banquet feasts

February 22, 2023

On thee many banquet feasts wych there was an array of eclectic mix of foods from venison and custarde pie to snails pottage and pigs trotters which always smelt a bit piggy as I said to Henry you would of thought that thay would of washed them first in today’s speech you could say they had athletes foot by thee smell thay could run offt thee table by their own as fore all partes of thee animal was eaten and used as one occasion Henry was eating pig eares as I said husband you’re making a right royal pigs eare of that oh beloived wife Henry said beloived it’s thee left eare not thee right.then there was thee peacock wych was pee and no cock most foods are a mixture of sweet and savory even today Henry and Guido lyke choc ice and chips

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